What is Coursebase

Learning Management System (LMS) that pursues "usability".

Our fast and intuitive interface will make training management simple and free-of-stress.


Our Clients

Usage: 500+ Clients

Our clients include large public companies, small and medium businesses, government agencies, universities and private tutoring schools.

Why choose Coursebase


Fast and intuitive

With the quick and light usability, and intuitive interface, you can speedily execute the desired actions without stress.


Free from limitations

There are no limits to storage, streaming, access load, etc. You are able to concentrate on training management tasks without worrying about reaching any limits.


Outstanding stability

Coursebase has high availability enabled by cutting edge technology. Performance won't be affected by a spike in access, so you can use the service without worry.

What is possible with Coursebase

Structure every kind of training


Online Training

You can provide your original training content online, and have learners take the training anytime and anywhere. You can also manage remote lessons and webinars.


Group Training

You can automate and drastically minimize the workload of tasks that come with seminars and face-to-face lessons, including management of attendance, headcount and submissions, and announcements about venue and items to bring to the training.


Blended Training

You can enhance the training effectiveness by combining face-to-face lessons and online assignments into one course.



You can centrally manage all learning data on Coursebase, and extract and analyze detailed information with the analytics and reports features.

Manage various kinds of human resource development


Prospective Employee Training
Client Training
Feedback Session
Language Training
Internal Communication
Compliance Training
Product Knowledge Training

Training by Division
Qualification Training
Attendance Management
Manual Sharing
Partner/Agency Training
Store Staff Training

Deliver necessary content anytime


Original Content

You can use videos, images, PDFs, test questions to create your own original content. Storage is unlimited so you can collectively manage all existing self-made contents on the Coursebase platform.


e-learning Content

You can subscribe to courses provided by distinguished e-learning content vendors at a reasonable price, and provide to learners. Our lineup consists of 800+ courses with high demand topics, including business skill, IT, finance, PC skills, and linguistics.

Make it easier with system integration


API Integration

By integrating Coursebase with talent management systems and other external systems via API, you can sync account information of users across multiple systems.


Single Sign-On (SSO)

By securely simplifying login procedures through SSO integration, you can further enhance usability by having users login with a single click.

Comparing with other LMS

Coursebase Company A Company B Company C
Course building
  • Course building feature available
  • Unlimited course storage
  • Able to create courses on all browsers/OS
  • Able to use all kinds of file format
Need to separately install a course building tool Course building feature available on PC only Limitations for course building may occur depending on the remaining storage
Storage and Streaming Unlimited and free Need to expand storage depending on amount of saved data Limited for some plans Extra fee charged depending on the storage usage
Browser/OS compatibility Compatible with all browsers Incompatible with some browsers Incompatible with some browsers Compatible with all browsers
Device compatibility Compatible with all devices
  • Incompatible with MacOS
  • Incompatible with smartphone for some features
Incompatible with smartphone for some features Compatible with all devices
Language compatibility 14 languages 3 languages 2 languages Separate option
Pricing Usage fee only
  • Usage fee
  • Extra fee for optional features
  • Annual operating fee
  • Initial fee
  • Training fee
  • Extra fee for optional features
  • Cloud price
  • Initial fee
  • Fee for extra storage
  • Training fee
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