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In today's fast-paced world, the need for providing high quality training and getting quick results in a limited time is in higher demand than ever. To fulfill such needs of our times, the intuitive and high-speed cloud LMS "Coursebase" was born.

Let's change the training management experience, and achieve the best results.

Usage : 300+clients.
Our clients include large public companies, small and medium businesses, government agencies, and universities.

Service Delivery : 10+years.
We place a high priority on understanding and fulfilling our clients’ needs, and continuously develop to deliver the best service.

Client Case

- Persol Holdings -

"We wanted to choose the best LMS in the world."

The client considered a LMS that met their need to manage large number of people and also specific needs of each of their group companies. They chose Coursebase that met 95% of their 70-item requirements.

Compatible for all Kinds of Training Structures

Coursebase's flexibility enables learning management with different goals, size, and content in one platform.

Online Training

You can provide your original training content online, and have learners take the training anytime and anywhere. You can also manage remote lessons and webinars.

Group Training

You can minimize workload related to seminars and face-to-face lessons, including attendance, headcount and submissions management, and announcements about the training.

Blended Training

You can enhance the training effectiveness by combining in-person type and online type content - such as face-to-face lessons and online assignments - into one course.

Useful for Diverse Trainings

Coursebase can be utilized for various trainings and human resource development.

Training by Level
Compliance Training
Product Understanding Training
Partner / Agency Training
Store Staff Training

Training by Division
Qualification Training
Seminar Attendance
Sharing Manuals

Prospective Employee Training
Client Training
Feedback Session
Language Training
Internal Communication

Extensive Content Options

Original Content

You can create your own high-quality original content with ease, and quickly release it to learners. Unlimited storage, streaming, and access to contents is available. You can also collectively manage all existing self-made contents on the Coursebase platform.

Subscribed Content

Over 800 courses provided by distinguished e-learning content vendors are readily available for subscription at a reasonable price. Our lineup includes high demand courses, including business skill, IT, finance, PC skills, and linguistics.

Our Content Partners

We provide high-quality training content provided by more than 15 content partners, including the partner companies below.

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