Simple pricing model ("User rate" x "Number of users" x "Usage period")

Monthly Plan

User rate
Registered users in each month
Number of months used
Annual Plan

User rate
Maximum number of contracted users
12 months
  • Initial setup: Free
  • Use of storage (unlimited): Free
  • Streaming (unlimited): Free
  • Administrator training: Free
  • Support: Free

*User rate is the monthly usage fee per user based on the contracted users.
*User rate decreases as the number of contracted users increases.
*Initial setup includes structuring of the training organization, migrating content, registering users, setting reports, and setting up custom domain.

Installment Flow


1. Contact Us

Please send your requests from the Contact page. We will get back to you and provide information based on your needs.


2. Hearings / Price Quote / Sharing Demo organization

If you are considering to install an LMS, we will propose the best plan and price quote based on your needs and schedule. We will also set up a demo organization for you to test out the Coursebase features, and share the login details.


3. Contract / Installment

Once the contract is signed, you will be immediately able to start usage with your own training organization.


4. Installment support / Administrator training

We will provide support for set up during the installment for free. We can also provide free administrator training, where we explain Coursebase features and how to use them to the training administators.

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