Coursebase's simple and intuitive features streamline processes from training preparation to analyzing results.

Course Builder

You can easily build original training courses. Installations and other time consuming processes are unnecessary. You can also set due dates, passing grades, and waiting lists on the courses.

Activities and Surveys

You can build activities and surveys from a wide array of question types. You can also customize settings including start date, due date, automatic scoring, randomized questions, mandatory questions, and automated reminders.

Uploading Content

You can build activities and lessons by uploading various types of file such as texts, images, videos, audios, iFrames, PDFs, and Office related files.

Course Library

By creating a Course Library, you can allow a specific learner to actively take specific courses. You can also easily automate the management of learner headcount and attendance.

Organization and Profile

By creating groups and adding learners to respective groups, you can easily create an organization. You can also freely add information such as divisions, roles, and start dates to learner's profile.

Reports and Live View

You can create custom reports. Various data could be extracted and be shared with other users. By using Live View, you can see each learner's status in real time.

Platform API and SSO

Using our secure API, you can integrate Coursebase with various talent management systems used by your company. SSO is also available to secure and simplify logins.

IP Address Restriction

You can restrict access based on IP addresses. Courses including information with high confidentiality can be set to be accessed only from office premises.

White Label

You can customize the login and landing page, and have unique domain for your organization. Setting original user registration page and terms of use is also available.


Our product uses the latest technology to ensure security, resulting in high ratings from many clients.


Robust Security

All of the connection and stored data are encrypted and by using latest detecting and defense technology, client's important data is secure. Coursebase is using Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its infrastructure for data centre and server. AWS is a world's largest cloud service that is used by the government, global leading companies, and many SaaS providers. The service has world's highest and latest technology, security system, compliance system which follows global standards such as ISO, SOC and FISC.


Unlimited Storage and Access

Storage and streaming can be used unlimitedly and is free from limitation of simultaneous access. You can concentrate on the learning management as there will be no additional fee regardless of the learning data volume and amount of access.


Infrastructure with High Availability

Availability is over 99.9 percent. Our high-speed global infrastructure enables stable and fast access under high demands and concentrated access. We have multiple servers that are physically distant keeping high immunity against natural disasters like earthquake.

*In 2020, numerous LMSs went down due to a spike in concentrated access, caused by the increase in needs for online training in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, Coursebase was able to continuously provide stable service even when the access volume increased by 3~4 times.

Global Access

Global Access

14 different languages are available on Coursebase by default and users are free to switch languages anytime. Coursebase can be used easily by users with various nationalities. Currently, the service is used by over 150 countries around the world.

Multi Device and Browser

Multi Device / Browser / OS Compatibility

All of the users are able to use Coursebase using any device, browser and OS. Our responsive design optimizes to devices such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

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