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February 2018

Improve Reduce refresh waiting period of reports

New Add search feature on Browse page

New Allow admin to change email of users

March 2018

New FAQ page for admins

New User Guides page for admins

New Use Cases page for admins

New Best Practices page for admins

Released in February 2018


New Option to not allow learners to change their account name and email

Improve Rename organization settings interface


Improve Add tooltips below content block buttons

Released in January 2018


New Platform Roadmap page for admins


New PDF content block ー The PDF content block allows content developers to easily upload and embed PDFs as course content. The PDF content block has options to display one page with scrolling, one page with next button or all pages at once as well as an option to show a download button.

Improved Refactoring of content blocks code to make it easier to build new content block types

Improved Redesign top right navigation as a clean dropdown style for user account related pages


Improved Improve Internet Explorer’s handling of two digit year value in people excel upload

Released in December 2017


Fixed Prevent long course titles to overlap with action buttons on courses page

Improved Add ‘Back’ link to profile field settings page

Improved Improve naming of options section of people excel upload


Improved Move ‘Delete’ action to bottom of group settings page


Improved Improve translations on activity and submissions page


Improved Add empty placeholder message to access rules page

Improved Remove manual “Suggest” button on people excel upload now that we automatically match columns to fields immediately after excel file upload.

Improved Improve method of detecting mobile usage of users


Fixed Properly save ‘does not equal 0’ filters in report limit data settings

Released in November 2017


New Allow learner’s access their own profile page

New Option to require value in profile field

New Option to automatically populate current date in date field

New File upload profile field

New Filter multi-field choices by properties to search for choices

New Option to specify add or replace for people excel upload for fields that allow multiple selections

Improved Improve interface design of learner profile page

Improved Improve backend file field value update flow


Improved Various usability improvements to view and edit modes of profile page

Fixed Exclude sections and lessons for ‘Activity count’ column in courses report type


Improved Make columns scrollable on people excel upload validation page

Fixed Rename 'Average grade' column


Improved Improve design of multi-fields on profile page


Improved Allow instructors to excel upload learners into courses

Released in October 2017


Improved Add option for text alignment left/center/right in text content block


New Option to not send notification email when adding users into course

Improved Support 10,000 rows in excel file for people excel upload

Improved Refactor backend code of people excel upload for performance improvements


Improved Allow usernames in people excel upload


Improved Add support for custom URL for backend API to match the platform URL

Improved Faster loading of course from courses page

Fixed Correctly save points for fill in the blank questions when imported from templates


Improved Allow people excel upload with mix of users with and without passwords

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